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Take Control of Your Health!

You can improve your health in just 14 days. Don't believe it?  Take the challenge:

Four Simple Steps

1. Measure your current health by recording: body weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose.

2. Complete the free online video nutrition course on this website. It's entertaining and takes less than 30 minutes.

3. Enjoy a whole food plant-based diet for the next two weeks.

4. Measure your health again and compare to the original numbers

Dr. John McDougall has been offering a very successful 10-day live-in program at the Flamingo Resort and Spa in Santa Rosa California for years. We highly recommend the program, the results are very impressive. However, if you don't have $7,000 and 2 weeks of free time, then take our 14 Day Health Challenge online. The button below provides a detailed outline of what to eat and what to avoid during the challenge. We also have lots of meal ideas and links to recipes on this website.

PlantPure Nation is about how much political influence the meat and dairy industry have and how they control our government food recommendations. It also show how people in the town of Mebane NC were able to improve their health by trying a whole food plant-based diet for just 10 days!

Asheville Success Stories

Improved numbers and felt much better with fewer aches and pains, still following a plant-based diet and "loving it."

In just 2 weeks, this "cheeseaholic" lost 8 pounds, cholesterol dropped 25 points, blood sugar dropped 10 points and has more energy.

This 68 year old lost 5 pounds and has "so many less aches and pains" can't believe it only took 2 weeks to feel so much better.

After heart surgery he was put on drugs for high cholesterol and high triglycerides. After the 14 Day Challenge his cholesterol dropped 23% and triglycerides dropped by 60%. In 2 weeks!

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