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The Best Burger

for your health, our planet and the animals
Reasons why this is the "best burger":
Taste really good
No cholesterol
Low in saturated fat
Tons of fiber (very important)
Plenty of plant protein
Good source of omega 3
Easy to make (only 6 steps)
Very affordable (less than $1.00 each)

Ingredients (makes 8-10)


1 cup organic brown rice (short grain works best)

1 can organic black beans (mashed)

1 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup chopped organic onion (½ medium onion)

1/2 cup organic ground flaxseed

½ tablespoon cumin powder



  1. Cook brown rice

  2. Saute chopped onions on stove with water

  3. Rinse beans with fresh water, place in large bowl

  4. Add chopped walnuts to bowl and mash with beans

  5. Add flaxseed, cumin and onion to bowl and mix

  6. Drain rice, add rice to bowl and mix


100% whole wheat bun, or Dave’s organic high fiber bread


Top with tomato, ketchup, spinach or lettuce.  Enjoy!

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