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"Loving how I feel after 14 Days"

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After I turned 50, I began to experience minor health problems and knew I needed to begin taking better care of myself.  A friend told me about the 14 Day Health Challenge and I thought it sounded interesting.  I didn't really know how bad things were until I got the results back from my 1st blood test.  My fasting glucose level was 256, above 125 is considered high!  My total cholesterol was 215 and triglycerides were 219, both too high.  I completed the video training course and was ready to begin, but still not sure I would be able to find enough food that was plant-based.  After a few days, my wife and I discovered it really was not that difficult.  We borrowed a few plant-based cookbooks and enjoyed the meals.  The two weeks went fast, when I sent in the 2nd blood test I was not sure what to expect.  When the results came back I was shocked, my glucose dropped to 140, total cholesterol dropped to 149 and I lost 10 lbs!  I'm now convinced that I really am in control of my own health.  This was a real eye opener and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in better health. - David / Asheville NC

"Lost 8 lbs and have so much energy"

I tried the 14 day challenge.  I was not perfect, but within one week my joints did not hurt in the morning. In fact, I have been struggling with joint pain on my hand and it has almost cleared. As a pianist, I was overjoyed.  But the huge difference is with my running.  I run long distances and have struggled to complete runs without injury.  My last two runs have been great.  Has to be the plants. - Jane Corbin

I became interested in the 14 day challenge when I heard John talk about how it could change your numbers for the better. I began the challenge back in April and I loved it so much that I continued it, and I am still on it. I had to learn to eat better, change my old habits and once I did that, I have not wanted to go back. I had my lab results before and just about two weeks ago, I had them repeated. I am not overweight for my height, but I lost 12 pounds, and my BMI was 22 and I feel great . My overall cholesterol has dropped about 5%, but the biggest change was in my HDL and LDL, my HDL is great at 83! I truly believe that eating a plant based diet along with exercise has made a tremendous impact on my overall health. All of my labs looked great and my doctor is just blown away. I feel better and I have a new outlook on trying new recipes. My whole family is benefiting from my changes. So go ahead and give it a try, you won't turn back, trust me. - Andrea Richardson

"Have fewer aches and pains"

"Lowered triglycerides by 60%"

Our first group of 30 employees from Brother Wolf in Asheville completed the 14 Day Health Challenge and the results are in.  They recorded body weight, blood pressure and each had a blood test done the last week in July.  Most, 25 out of 30, completed the online training before the challenge began on August 1st.  The results were very impressive for just two weeks:


- average weight loss 4.6 lbs per person

- most weight loss 13 lbs

- average total cholesterol reduction 7.2 points

- biggest total cholesterol reduction 25 points

- biggest blood sugar reduction 10 points

- average systolic blood pressure reduction 8.9 points

- average diastolic blood pressure reduction 3.1 points


One person was pre-diabetic when the Challenge began, their glucose dropped enough that they are no longer considered pre-diabetic!  

I want to thank you for the opportunity to experience the nutrition training course.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I think it is a great resource and education tool for individuals to be informed and make healthier food choices. 


You did a nice job making the course very informative and educational.  The videos makes the course easy to follow and the simple true/false questions help reinforce the main points. - Cathy Desfosses

<<<  Bill Clinton explains to Wolf Blitzer how his heart health improved after switching to a whole-food plant based diet and losing 24 pounds.

"It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness"

- old Chinese proverb

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