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Restaurant Meals

Try not to eat out for 2 weeks, but if you must...

Keep in mind, most restaurants don't care about your health, they just want your money.  They want you to enjoy the taste of the food so that you come back for more.  Most restaurants also server large portions to help justify higher prices.  We recommend that you eat all meals at home during the 14 Day Health Challenge so you will know exactly what you are eating.  However, we also understant this may not always be an option.  If you must eat out, here are a few ideas that may help.

Hot Oatmeal
Starbucks, McDonalds, other

Oatmeal is always a good breakfast option with just 160 calories and 4 grams of fiber.  Just don't pour the entire bag of sugar on top.  If you need some sugar for taste, try about half the bag or less.

Carrot Smoothie
Jamba Juice, others

Not all smoothies are considered healthy.  This 16 oz carrot smoothie from Jamba Juice has 280 calories, 2 grams of fat, 7 grams of fiber and 48 grams of sugar.  That's a lot of sugar, but overall this isn't a bad choice.

Veggie Burrito
Chipolte, and others

The veggie burrito with rice, beans and roasted vegetables taste great and will fill you up.  It only has 350 calories, 9 grams of fat and 595 mg of sodium.  (If you want to lose weight, avoid the guacamole)  This is an excellent choice, but when you add just chicken and cheese it now has 630 calories, 23 grams of fat, and 1095 mg of sodium.

Veggie Sub
Subway, and others

A six inch or foot long veggie sub is fine, but make sure you skip the cheese and the dressing. Most of the dressings contain processed oil and 100% of the calories from oil come from fat. The tomato will add moisture and if they have it, the avacado will make it taste even better. One more thing, if you want to lose weight you need to skip the chips, cookies and the soda.  Drink water.

Green Salad
Panera, McDonalds, others

Most restaurants offer a green salad.  If you want to lose weight, avoid all salad dressings that contain oil.  If you really need dressing on your salad, try about 10 drops and mix for the flavor.  You will be amazed at how you can get the same flavor with about 1/10th the amount of dressing most people normally use.

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