Dinner Ideas

It feels good to eat well (and healthfully).
Each of these meals are easy to make, inexpensive and healthy.  They do not contain any cholesterol and have very little or no saturated fat.  If it's white, don't bite.  It's important to eat food with fiber and the best sources are unprocessed whole plant food.
Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Veggies
potatoes, mixed vegetables, plant milk (unsweetened soy, rice or almond)

Cut potatoes into chunks leaving skins on and boil until just soft. Drain off the water. Add fresh steamed or frozen vegetables are best. Mash potatoes adding plant milk as needed stir in the steamed vegetables. Be sure not to spoil the health benefits by adding butter.  This dinner costs less than $1 per serving and will fill your stomach till breakfast.

The "Best Burger" ever!

You can find lots of good veggie burgers in the frozen section of most grocery stores.  However, we recommend you make your own. They are best with a good whole wheat bun and a big ripe tomato with onion.  Click here to find out how to make the "Best Burger" ever.

Pasta and Veggie Mix
Whole wheat pasta, steamed mixed vegetables
Whole wheat is very important because it includes fiber and it's complex. Add a can of kidney beans for an extra plant protein punch.
Potato with vegetables
Potatoes and Veggie Mix
boiled red skin potatoes and mixed vegetables without any oil
Another inexpensive option that's easy to make.
Bowtie Pasta with Broccoli
Whole Wheat Pasta, Broccoli and Sunflower Seeds
This health meal takes about 10 minutes to make and cost less than $2/serving.  It has very few calories, so eat till you are almost full.
Brown Rice and Vegetables
Brown Rice, Corn, Peas and Carrots
At about $1 per serving, this is close to the perfect meal.  The brown rice fills the stomach and taste great with all the vegetables.  It's easy to cook also, just boil water.
Pesto Pizza
pine nuts, fresh tomatoes and red peppers
Top whole wheat pizza crust with silken tofu blended with basil, cover with fresh tomatoes, red peppers, black olives, pine nuts, nutritional yeast and red onions.  Bake for 45 minutes